Through the victim’s eyes…

This poem was written by my son and is posted with his permission. 


Sexual assault

Everyone says it’s not your fault 

Like a robber just came in and took everything in the vault

Except the vault is my heart

And my emotions are everywhere,

So where do I start

Should I go to the prison and tell him he ruined my life 

And that what he did to me will make it hard to find a wife

Or do I stay bottled up 

Not giving a f***

The daily life is so hard to live 

Sometimes contemplate if it’s my life I should give

Because I feel like there’s no reason for me to be here 

And I’m sick of living in fear 

People that are close say things will always work out

But life just keeps getting harder so I need a different route

Days, weeks and years pile up and I’m still not healed 

Can’t believe it’s been over 10 years and this is the way I feel 

Who knows where I will be in a year

But everyday after I get ready and look in the mirror

I say this will never happen again because I’m standing up for me, myself, and I 

And I’ll stand up fighting you until the day that I die 


3 thoughts on “Through the victim’s eyes…

  1. Your poem makes me want to scream, cry, and curl into a ball. I hear your anger, your confusion and desperation. I also hear hope. I will pray for the Lord to be victorious in His Hope, true hope. May you find healing, comfort, and peace. It wasn’t your fault.

  2. You are spot on about all of this. Kanakuk leadership kept this hushed up through the 2009 kamp season so they wouldn’t lose kamper revenue. Similarly that season they under-reported the severity of the swine flu at the kamps in order to keep the capacity up. This delay in being honest with customers allowed them to put their properties into a non profit to protect the properties once the truth came out. I cannot imagine why this never became a national story. And it is such an utter failure of accountability. I don’t understand why Joe White did not resign.

    • We can only think that pride has kept Joe White from resigning. Oh, I’m sure that he would say that he’s prayed about it and God wants him to continue in his “ministry”. But even if White honesty did not believe Newman was a risk (and I think we can all agree that White is much too intelligent to be so misled), you would still expect him to resign out of acknowledgment of poor leadership.

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